Security and responsibility


It is obligatory that all students wear the school uniform. The child’s name and surname must be clearly displayed on all pieces of the uniform, including the school bag (just the initials is not enough). (See Appendix ICheck List). All students should wear their jacket to excursions and school ceremonies.

If it fails to comply with this point, we will apply the regulations stipulated in each educational stage.1(*)
(*) According to a survey of quality we would need more cooperation to improve this point. .

ABSENCES Importante - Novedad - Actualizado

The attendance of a child at school is OBLIGATORY. Repeated absences can seriously affect the academic progress of your child apart from the fact that attendance at school is a legal requirement. Excursions and field trips are also mandatory as part of our students integral formation and pedagogical character heavily promoted by the school. Any absence of a pupil from school should be communicated by the family as soon as possible. This notification of absence should always be given to the School Secretary never to the teachers – in writing.

Families of students in Secondary School and High School must present a medical certificate to justify their absence. If no medical certificate is given then the absence will appear in the student´s academic record as unjustified.


Parents or tutors are obliged to inform the school as soon as possible in writing of any changes in the data provided in the printed Registration Form -especially in reference to change of e-mail, contact telephone numbers, as well as any change in the guardianship or custody of the student, with a copy of the corresponding judicial or administrative resolution. Until these changes have been communicated, the school will not be responsible for taking action regarding these new changes in situation/information.

AUTHORISTATION TO COLLECT CHILDREN Importante - Novedad - Actualizado

The Lower Infant, Lower Primary and Middle School students may not leave the school premises unaccompanied. They must always be collected by the parents or guardians (people known by the teachers and Head of the school) .

Infants (Nursery, Reception & Year 1), Lower Primary School (Year 2 & 3), Middle School (Year 4,5,6 & 7). Importante - Novedad - Actualizado

Secondary & High school children may leave the school premises unaccompanied. If you do not wish for your children to leave the school unaccompanied please inform the school office before the beginning of the school year.

If you would like to authorise other people (grandparents, other family members, friends, nannies…) the parents or guardians should give written permission and sign. (see Appendix II – Pick up authorization form and authorization to leave the School unaccompanied) togeher with a copy of the authorised persons identity card or passport. Authorisations sent by fax, e-mail or telephone will not be considered valid and in this case, the person will not be able to collect the student from the school. To avoid last minute problems, we would recommend that all families authorise at least one other person who they trust to collect their child in the event of an unforeseen situation. The Secondary & High School students are allowed to collect their younger siblings if written authorisation has been previously given by their parents/guardians.


The students and people who collect them may not remain in the school grounds – including the gardens, sports area and car park -after school hours (17.00 h. Monday to Thursday and 14.30 h. Friday). The school will not take responsibility for those students that remain on school premises before or after the established school hours. For this reason -as well as respecting the timetable of the professional cleaners who begin their work after the students leave the school grounds- we kindly ask for your collaboration in this matter and for your commitment to following this rule. Parents are also responsible for the supervision of their children during any visit to the school outside the established teaching hours.


Children who are sick (viral, contagious, fever illnesess) should not come to school when they are sick and it is necessary to bring a written justification of any absence.


All parents of children who require medication during the school timetable should put the medicine in a transparent plastic bag. This should be clearly labelled with the child´s name and class and the correct administration instructions and be left at the School Office. Children are not authorised to bring or administer their own medication. Secondary & High School pupils must leave any medication in the school office, and will ALWAYS be administrated by the school nurse.

Do not forget to collect the medication from the School Office at the end of the day..


It is recommended that parents who detect lice in their child’s hair to keep them absent from school to avoid passing them or to other children. The family should also notify the school office and they will take the appropriate action. As a preventive measure we recommend you check your child´s hair periodically.

CERTIFICATES Importante - Novedad - Actualizado

If you need to apply for any kind of certificate (academic, economic, qualifications, etc..) you must do so through the school office with 1 week minimum notice.

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