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Message from the President and Founder of CIT

The word INFANCY comes from the Latin word “in-fanti” which literally means, no voice, unable to speak.

In previous times, this included children up to the age of 6 to 7 years old. Nowadays, this stage has no limits: “childish” behaviour is recognised outside its natural context, even in today’s adult world.

Despite the young age of our pupils, our school strongly believes that the world requires not only their voices, but also their hands, the capacity of action and above all, their dreams, as well as their ability to create and project experiences towards a better present, and for a better future.

To do this, we need to set positive goals accompanied by values that inspire their thoughts and actions, as well as progressively acquiring knowledge and skills with which to carry out those tasks.

This is why we are so passionate about our project and why it is so exciting, because it is not mere “academic instruction”. We know that without the capacity to read, write or speak languages, the possibility of human action is limited; without numbers and symbolic languages, the capacity to analyse is void; and finally without scientific knowledge, interpreting the world around them would be superficial, making our students extremely vulnerable.

We are also aware that “to know” is not enough; our students have to want to grow. They have to value everything they learn, using it to decide who they want to be and where they want to go. Hence the importance of our values-based education: to raise horizons and to engage our students’ commitment to decide their own futures.

For all of these reasons we value the importance of our children’s journey through our school. Every day and every year, every effort and every achievement makes them stronger and more able to decide their own destiny.

We guide them from a young age to measure their successes and failures objectively, not to blame others for their failures, because both are part of their future treasure; their decision to become who they really are.

We help them do this with dignity, respect and love for themselves and for others alike, whether children or adults, with simplicity, honour, generosity, but with determination.

We encourage them to “get their feet wet”: to speak up, to express their aspirations, needs and dreams. We must help them to strive for high standards and not be afraid of what others may say about them, through envy or meanness. There are too many ‘infantile’ adults, even in positions of power and influence, who do not have their ‘own’ voice. The world needs human beings who have the ability to create, promote, nurture and perpetuate high moral achievement within worthy causes.

We make them conscious that age does not matter; our young people and their actions not only contribute to our future, but also shape our present.

Our students are not “infants”; they are young human beings worthy of admiration and respect. Each one of them is unique and unrepeatable; and with our daily support and guidance, we are very proud to see them grow and contribute.

Education is a never-ending process. It seduces and surprises in equal measures. With one arm that protects you with warm certainties, whilst the other shows you a world of possibilities waiting to be conquered.

This is what education is all about; the successful combination of our horizons and our limits, aimed at developing each individual student. And they, the students, are the true heroes of Colegio Internacional Torrequebrada´s fascinating story.

CV Sonia

“Sonia Díez has a PhD in Economics and Business Administration, an MBA from the ‘Instituto de Empresa’ Business School; Degree in Psychology and Education, and holds several postgraduate accreditations from Harvard University. Sonia Díez is also President of the Horizonte Itaca Group that includes:

Torrequebrada International College (Benalmádena, Málaga), Colegio Europa (Getxo, Vizcaya), The Itaca Foundation, and Wakana Lake (Alcornocales Natural Park, Cádiz), whose shared mission statement is: “All roads from Itaca’s Horizons lead to development and well-being”.

A well-known researcher, she has published a large number of articles in different media, having earned numerous awards along her professional career.

Closely linked to her professional activity, Sonia Díez is deeply committed with social action and service to the community, playing a very active role in the promotion and development of partnerships with companies for social purposes, with local, national and international Organisations, especially in India and Africa.”



Mission and Values that integrate Colegio Internacional Torrequebrada´s Ideology and Philosophy

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