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All children are different; all children are unique. Every child learns in his or her own way, and at their own pace. This is the challenge that faces every school and every educator; and every parent, too. At Colegio Internacional Torrequebrada, we embrace this challenge and share the responsibility with each individual student. In the words of Nelson Mandela, each child needs to be the captain of their own boat; to be able to steer their own destiny.

Learning is all about ‘experiences’. Because all children learn differently, Colegio Internacional Torrequebrada caters for the individual learning needs of our students by providing the environment for these varied learning experiences to take place. Our inquiry-based learning approach and flexible learning spaces throughout our campus allow students to explore their own learning. To stretch themselves and become comfortable pushing the boundaries of how they learn, how they interact with their own learning and the learning of those around them, especially when working together in teams and groups.

As a school, we also need to provide moments and spaces which act as a form of refuge, where our students can feel safe and protected before they embark on their next learning ad-venture. Our motto, our values and our traditions all help our students to develop a sense of belonging, with respect for themselves and for others. From a child’s early experience of being allocated their School House when entering Primary to their Graduation Ceremony before flying the CIT nest; from ‘Thanksgiving’ to raising funds for charities. These all help to give purpose and meaning to a student’s journey through our school; a moral framework. Our excellent Counselling and Guidance Department also plays an essential role.

 Life and learning is not static; they are dynamic and natural processes. As a school, we encourage our students to try new things, to develop new skills; to push and challenge established boundaries and perceptions; to take risks. We can only do this if we lead by example. We cannot expect our students to do something that we are not brave enough do ourselves. This is reflected in our mindset as a school community: what we are today is not what we shall be in five years time; as indeed today is not what we were five years ago. We are an innovative school where knowledge and experiences blend together. We have a full ‘Bring Your Own Device’ (BYOD) programme from Primary onward. We were the first school in Spain to incorporate Finland’s KiVa anti-bullying programme and our ‘learning spaces’ in Primary are purpose-built, and therefore unique.

The most effective learning takes place when students are immersed in the process. Where they can make links between the different parts of their learning to create new pathways, ideas and hypotheses. Deeper understanding results from grouping learning concepts together where students are actively involved in their own learning. Where they are inquiring and investigating; discovering. We extend this out of the classroom with a variety of different complementary opportunities for all students, whether learning new sporting or leadership skills or immersing themselves in a completely different culture.

We strive to achieve the most meaningful outcome for our students: that the person they know best is themselves. A CIT student can identify who they are, what they are passionate about, and how they want to contribute to the world around them in a positive and altruistic way. We help them to develop and stretch their wings which enable them to fly and discover, and uncover, their personal horizons.

CV David

“David Jones graduated in Science and studied a Postgraduate in Education, both from the University of London; he acquired the National Professional Qualification for Headship (NPQH) via the UK’s National College for School Leadership; he has an Advanced Level Diploma in Spanish as a Foreign Language (DELE) via the ‘Instituto Cervantes’.

A lifetime dedicated to young people and their learning with over thirty years of experience, ranging from teaching in one of the UK’s top state schools to leading some of Spain’s most prestigious private British and International Schools.

He has a thorough knowledge of the British and Spanish education systems having been a Lead Inspector for the National Association of British Schools in Spain (NABSS) and a member of its Executive Committee, and having worked for the British Council.”

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