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Important reminders


PYP (Infants School)

Pre-nursery (2 years) – White class
Nursery // PYP EARLY YEARS (3 years) – Orange & Yellow classes
Reception // PYP EARLY YEARS (4 years) – Red & Blue classes
Year 1 // PYP 1 (5 years) – Lilac & Green classes

PYP (Primary School)

Year 2 // PYP 2 (6 years)
Year 3 // PYP 3 (7 years)
Year 4 // PYP 4 (8 years)
Year 5 // PYP 5 (9 years)
Year 6 // PYP 6 (10 years)


Year 7 // MYP-PAI 1 (11 years)
1ºESO // MYP-PAI 2 (12 years)
2ºESO // MYP-PAI 3 (13 years)
3ºESO // MYP-PAI 4 (14 years)
4ºESO // MYP-PAI 5 (15 years)


1ºBaccalaureate // DP-PD 1 (16 years)
2ºBaccalaureate // DP-PD 2 (17 years)

Sonia Díez

Ms Sonia Díez

Founder and President of the Board of Directors

David Moreno

Mr David Moreno

Financial Director

Icíar García

Ms Icíar García


David Jones

Mr David Jones


Cristina Molina

Ms Cristina Molina

Head of PYP Infants & Primary

Roberto Sánchez

Mr Roberto Sánchez

Head of MYP & DP

Indira Sukhwani

Ms Indira Sukhwani

PYP Infants Coordinator

Sofía Gómez

Ms Sofía Gómez

PYP Primary Coordinator

Stephanie Edwards

Ms Fiona Seward

MYP Coordinator

Guillermo Chaves

Mr Guillermo Chaves

DP Coordinator

2.2 First days

The first day of school for all students will be on 7th September. The arrival time for the first day will be from 9:05 to 9:20 a.m. and pick up will be at 2pm on the first day for students from Reception to DP2 (pick up will be by car circuit, walking or bus like a normal day).

The Early Morning Club and bus services will be available on 7th September. The Late pick up and school restaurant services will be available from Friday 8th September for all students, except for PYP Infants (from White class to Year 1 included) who due to their needs, will have lunch on 7th September.

We remind you that the two and three year old students (pre-nursery and nursery) continue with their progressive incorporation period as indicated in Circular 1. On 7th & 8th September they will have restaurant services but they will not have bus services, Early morning club or late pick up until Monday 11th September.

The opening ceremony will take place on 7th September at 7pm.

2.3 New students

As we stated in Circular 1, the first day of school for all students will be on 7th September, the teachers and student mentors will greet all new students in the entrance to the Co-Learning (in front of the main gate) at 10am, half an hour after school starts, and then they will accompany them to their classes.

2.4 School access

On the 7th September, those parents from Year 2 to Year 6 who wish to accompany their children to their class will be able to do so, but have to leave them in class by 9.20am. After that time we will proceed to close the access doors and you will have to go to the School Office in order for your child to enter the class at the established time.

In Circular No. 1 we gave you the general indications of school access that we remind you below:



(see point 3.4)

From 08:00 09:05 – 09:20

– Walking gate and access to each class from the main entrance of the Infant building.


– Car circuit


– Bus

15:00 – Main entrance (school office access door)
15:55 – 16:05

– From the class (walking gate)

– Car circuit

– Bus

17:05 or 18:00 (Extracurricular activities) – Main entrance in front of CIT Co-working

16:05 – 17:30

(Late pick up)

-Main entrance in front of CIT Co-working
Accesos infantil 22-23 c



(see point 3.4)

From 08:00 09:05 – 09:20

– Walking gate 


– Car circuit


– Bus


15:55 – 16:05

– Walking access

– Car circuit

– Bus

17:05 or 18:00

(Extracurricular activities and o Co-learning)

– Main entrance in front of CIT Co-working
17:05 – 17:30 (Late pick up) – Main entrance in front of CIT Co-working
Accesos primaria 22-23 english



(see point 3.4)

As from 08:00 09:05 – 09:20

– Walking gate 


– Car circuit


– Bus



– Walking access

– Car circuit

– Bus

17:05 or 18:00

(Extracurricular activities or Co-learning)

– Main entrance in front of CIT co-working
17:05hs – 17:30hs (late pick up) – Main entrance in front of CIT Co-Working
Accesos sec_highSchool 22-23 english


Students are authorised to bring a snack, but only certain foods.

  • PYP Infants (Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Reception & Year 1) can bring a carton of juice, yogurt or a piece of fruit or vegetables. Students can bring a small sandwich for their second snack.
  • PYP Primary (Year 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) can bring a carton of juice, yoghourt or a piece of fruit/vegetables.
  • MYP & DP students, taking into account latest studies on healthy snacks, and given the characteristics of students of this age, we believe that the most appropriate thing for them would be to bring a fruit-based snack that can be combined with another healthy snack such as a small wholemeal bread sandwich with serrano ham or non-processed alternatives or wholemeal crackers. Industrial pastries or sweets are not permitted as well as any other food that is not considered healthy. The school will reserve the option of confiscating any snack that is not considered healthy.

Students who stay from 16:05 to 17:05 (or to 18:05) for Co-Learning, Extra-Curricular Activities or Reinforcement classes are allowed to bring – as well as the mentioned above – a sandwich. Any other kinds of snacks (rolls, chocolate, dried fruits or nuts) are not permitted.

2.6 Digital Platforms

As we mentioned in Circular 1, Alexia is our digital platform through which you will receive communications and where you will be able to see the daily follow-up of your children (lunch report, exams, homework, etc). During the next few days all new families will receive an email with the necessary credentials to access the platform.

If you forget your Alexia username or password, you must access the Alexia login page, through the click on the link “Forgotten your password?” you will have to enter the email address you provided us with and then click on “I am not a robot” tab, you will receive an email with your username and the link to create a new password.

Remember that this password must have upper case, lower case and numbers with at least 8 characters,

The school will offer some online informative sessions for those families who may have any questions:, which will take place during the first weeks.

– Monday 11th September for PYP Infants at 10:00.
– Thursday 12th September for PYP Primary families at 10:00.
– Wednesday 13th September for MYP & DP families at 10:00.

2.7 BYOD

As we mentioned in circular 1, as from Year 5 students will bring their devices to school (tablet or laptop), as part as the BYOD project. In the appendix V & VI you can find information regarding this project and the agreement that the student will sign electronically with their class tutor in order to use their devices.

2.8 Secondary School Lockers

MYP & DP students will have individual lockers outside their classrooms. On the first day of classes each student must bring in their own numeric padlock (we do not accept key padlocks). These can only be used once their tutors have opened a private file with a record of their padlock access code. This will be organised during the first week of term by the MYP & DP Tutors and Coordinators. The school will not be held responsible for any objects deposited in the lockers and reserves the right to open them at any time for security reasons and shared responsibility.

At the end of the school year, the padlocks and any school material left in them will be removed by the school, to undertake maintenance and cleaning of the lockers. Once the school year is over, these items may not be reclaimed by the students.

2.9 Documents and updated information

Below you can see a list of documents that will need to be signed during the first days of school and that you will be able to find in the Appendix of Circular nº2.

Bring Your Own Devices Rules: as we informed in the previous circular students from Year 5 onwards will have the opportunity of bringing their own devices (tablet or laptop) to class, where they will be working with activities and will be developing projects throughout technology.

Allergies/Special Diets: Any student who requires a special diet must bring a medical certificate. Without this certificate the school will not be able to offer a special diet.

We would like to remind all families that they have the obligation to communicate any possible changes in their personal status (married/separated/divorced/new guardian), or any other information. The only reason is to protect the children and take care of our students’ needs. All information is confidential and we suggest that you communicate it to the school through the Principal and /or Coordinators.

In the next few days you will receive an email with a form that all families must sign regarding the the processing of personal data.

2.10 Experiential Curriculum

The ‘Experiential Curriculum’ is conceived as an opportunity to enhance, improve and include challenges and moments for a greater and more meaningful personal and professional growth of our students.

CIT has established a curriculum of activities and experiences that are differentiated, cumulative, evaluable and progressive throughout the twelve years of school life of the students in our school from Primary to the year prior to their access to university. Each of them has been chosen according to the level of maturity, autonomy and characteristics appropriate to each year group, and covers areas as diverse as sports and healthy leisure activities (sailing, golf, horse-riding, skiing,…), volunteering, multi-adventure trips and expeditions, nature experiences, leadership & emotional outdoor training, Speech & Debate, vocational guidance, among others. These experiences are compulsory for ALL STUDENTS. Any justified absences must by sent within the deadline established for each activity or they will not be refunded.









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