Culinary Experience

Food, colours & sensations

The culinary experience our students have in our school restaurants is part of their well-being at school and as individuals. We have created a context rich in nutrients, colours and flavours so that eating is not only about nourishing the stomach but also about nourishing relationships and the soul.

Following the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team (formed by architects, nutritionists, educators, etc.), we have a menu based on the ‘Harvard Healthy Eating Plate’ whereby students have a balanced main course that is complete enough for them, but is complemented by two side-dishes which are varied (based on raw vegetables, etc.) so that they have everything they need to feel good throughout the day.

They are provided with different breads, fruit and water for a fully balanced diet. From the moment students come in to the restaurant, they enter an aesthetically lively and well cared for space where we want them to feel calm, exposed to meaningful relationships (both with the food and with their classmates), where they are stimulated to eat well with a variety of foods and always with respect towards others, their food and promoting social interactions.