2022 has just begun. I have been the Principal for three months, although I have been part of this great family for many years. I don’t want to start the year reflecting on all the good or bad things that have happened to us, nor do I want to do it trying to imagine how wonderful this new year will be.

I write these words as an invitation to value the present, to live and enjoy it. I write these words to you, the students, because you are the most important thing we have in this community so that every day, you feel proud of who you are and of the achievements obtained with passion and commitment. I am also writing to you, the school staff, because with your small daily actions you help students achieve their goals and more. I am also writing to you, the families, because every day you bring the people you love the most to school with the confidence that all will be well.

I would like to wish you Happy Holidays and a Prosperous New Year in which, more than ever, we enjoy and build a wonderful present.

Iciar Garcia, CIT School Principal