Our 1st year Baccalaureate students are on their way to Quito, Ecuador, where they will be volunteering with the Yachana Foundation and participating in a cultural exchange with the Johannes Kepler school as part of the school’s Optimo Project.

The Optimo Project is a CIT program and one of the pillars of the Experiential Curriculum that, in parallel to the Academic Curriculum, offers our students an itinerary of experiences and challenges that progressively incorporate skills and competencies that strengthen their self-awareness and enhance their decision-making capabilities.

In the same way, this trip has the purpose of collaborating in the construction of an ODS center, a place where people from the area can value their culture and develop their skills towards sustainability.

All the work that has been done during the past weeks and the money raised from the upcoming gala, will go to Yachana, a foundation whose mission is to protect the Ecuadorian jungle and promote ecotourism and the development of social programs.

In addition, this is another step towards the implementation of a culture based on the Sustainable Development Goals specified in the 2030 Agenda in which the school is already working to become certified through the SDG Certificate Program.

Viaje a Ecuador